The Dancing Squash Player

National German Masters Squash Champion

Welcome to my Squash World

Welcome to my Squash World.
I started my Squash Career at the age of 11 at the Squash Center Heilbronn, Germany.
A special thank you to Dirk Rahn, owner of the Club. My Brother with whom i spend ours practicing in the Court and my Mom who supported me in every Way.
My first Squash Coach was Remy Bognar and many others coached me true our Squash Life.
Ralph Michna, Barry Dodson, Ashraf Hanafi, Roy Scott Teale and Lee Witham.

After 20 years not playing in the Squash Circus, i decided to come back and have fun as a Squash Player.
Not as a Pro like I use to be when i played as a young Squash Player.

Why did i Stop?
I was simply burned out after my Squash U19 time. Training everyday from 2 - 5 hours. Not knowing what and where i am going to end up, after i finished the Juniors.
Squash is one of the hardest and physical Sports in the World but comparing to Soccer or Tennis you just make a bit of Money. It is getting better but it‘s still not enough. And to this Day i am still hoping that Squash will make it to the Olympic Games.
Well, i studied Dance in Los Angeles and did pretty good. Working with one of the greatest Music Stars in the World. Choreographing the biggest TV Shows and Dance / Ballet Companys, teaching at the best Dance Schools in the World.
But something was Squash Rackets.
And i was right!
I did miss the Sound of Squash, the Movement, the Court, hitting the Ball, losing or winning, the Rush, seeing my old Squash buddies and having fun as long as i don‘t get injured.

Squash Racket: Dunlop Hyperfibre Revelation Pro
Squash Club in Germany: Squash Devils Stuttgart - Bundesliga / Oberliga
Squash Ranking Europe M40+: 03.07.2018 - Rank: 25
Squash Ranking Germany: 12.02.2019 - Rank: 24
Squash Ranking Baden-Württemberg: 01.03.2020 - Rank: 18
Squash History:
Former PSA Squash Player - best Ranking 201
Runner up German National Masters 2019
Club Champion Eglisee/Basel 2019
Champion German National Masters 2018
Champion 2nd Swiss Masters Open 2017
3rd Place 3rd Swiss Masters Open 2018
3 Times Squash Junior Champion in Baden Württemberg (1xU16, 2x U19)
Contestant at the
World Junior Squash Championships, Hong Kong 1992
Best Match winning 3:2 over Timo Touminen, Nr.2 Player of Finland ,(Former PSA Player Ranking: 65)
European Junior Squash, Championships, Odense 1993
34th European Squash Team Championships, Vienna 2006
3rd. Place - Men A - Baden Württembergische Squash Einzelmeisterschaften 2017
Former Squash Clubs:
Squash Club Heilbronn - Club Champion
SC Deizisau - Club Champion
Club Champion Eglisee/Basel - Club Champion